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Suspension Replacement

Dannys Den excels in suspension replacement, providing a smoother ride and improved vehicle stability. Trust our skilled technicians for expert suspension upgrades that enhance performance and safety.

Suspension Modifications

If you're looking to customise your vehicle's suspension for improved performance or specific requirements, we offer suspension modifications tailored to your needs.


With advanced diagnostic tools, we can accurately identify and troubleshoot issues with your vehicle's systems, saving you time and money on repairs.

Log Book Servicing

We offer comprehensive log book servicing to ensure your vehicle is maintained according to the manufacturer's specifications, preserving its warranty and performance.

General Servicing

Our team provides general servicing, including oil changes, filter replacements, and thorough inspections, to keep your vehicle running smoothly and reliably.

Registration Inspections

As an authorised inspection station, we conduct registration inspections to ensure your vehicle meets the necessary safety and compliance standards required for registration renewal.

LPG Registration Inspections

If your vehicle operates on LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), we perform specialized LPG registration inspections to verify its safety and compliance.

Motor Bikes Registrations

 We assist with motorbike registrations, ensuring all necessary inspections and paperwork are completed accurately and efficiently.


Caravan and Trailer Registraions

Our services extend to caravan and trailer registrations, helping you navigate the registration process and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Mechanical Repairs

Our skilled mechanics are experienced in handling various mechanical repairs, ensuring your vehicle is running smoothly and efficiently.


Transmission Services

We provide expert transmission services, including maintenance, repairs, and fluid replacements, to keep your transmission system in optimal condition.


Our team specializes in steering and suspension replacements, enhancing your vehicle's stability, handling, and overall ride comfort.



Our brake services include inspections, repairs, and replacements to ensure your vehicle's braking system operates safely and effectively.

Tune Ups

We offer comprehensive tune-up services to optimise your vehicle's performance, fuel efficiency, and overall reliability.

Fuel Injection Diagnostics (EFI)

Our technicians are well-versed in fuel injection diagnostics, ensuring optimal fuel delivery and efficiency for your vehicle's engine.


We provide battery testing, replacement, and maintenance services, ensuring your vehicle always has reliable starting power.


Radiator Repairs and Cooling System

Our expertise extends to radiator repairs and cooling system maintenance, preventing overheating issues and ensuring your engine stays cool.


We offer clutch repairs and replacements to ensure smooth gear shifting and optimal performance for manual transmission vehicles.



From tyre replacements to wheel alignments, we assist in maintaining proper traction, handling, and tire longevity.

Wheel Alignments

Dannys Den provides precise wheel alignment services to enhance your vehicle's performance, handling, and tire longevity. Trust our skilled technicians for accurate adjustments and improved driving experience.

Engine and Cylinder Head Reconditioning

Our skilled technicians can recondition engines and cylinder heads, restoring performance and extending the life of your vehicle.

Air Conditioning Regas

If your vehicle's air conditioning is not performing optimally, we provide air conditioning regas services to restore its cooling efficiency.


Blue Slips

We offer blue slip inspections, ensuring your vehicle complies with the necessary safety standards and regulations.


Interlock Smart Start

 Our team can install and service interlock smart start systems, promoting safe and responsible driving for individuals required to have them.

Our Warranty & Guarantee

At Danny’s Den, we stand behind the quality of our workmanship and the services we provide. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive warranty and guarantee to ensure your peace of mind.

  1. Warranty: We provide a [specified duration] warranty on all parts and labour performed by our skilled technicians. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship that may arise during the specified warranty period. In the event of such issues, we will promptly repair or replace the affected parts or rectify the problem at no additional cost to you.

  2. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: We are committed to your satisfaction and strive to exceed your expectations. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the service provided, please inform us, and we will make every effort to address and resolve the matter to your utmost satisfaction.

Please note that our warranty and guarantee do not cover damages caused by negligence, misuse, or normal wear and tear. Additionally, any alterations or repairs performed by unauthorised individuals or shops may void the warranty.

At Danny’s Den, we value our customers and their trust in our expertise. Rest assured that we will always work